The Thai Ocean Product Co., Ltd. is the first stingray leather factory in the world. It was founded in Bangkok Thailand over many years of careful research and continuous experiments on stingray skin. We have developed a strict scientific processing course leading to a careful craft and special coloring technology. The result is our elegant stingray leather goods which are firm, wear-resistant and durable.

Stingray skin, also known as “galuchat”, are naturally covered with round, closely set, calcified papillae called placoid scales, whose size is chiefly dependent on the age and size of the stingray. This type of leather was popularized by Jean-Claude Galuchat in 1774, a master leatherworker in the court of Louis XV of France and quickly became a fashion amongst the French aristocracy. With its rough and granular surface, it is often used as a fancy leather for book bindings, pocket-books and small cases, as well as its more utilitarian uses in the handles of swords and daggers, where slipperiness is a disadvantage. Later, the use of stingray skin has been developed into numerous products.

Fresh stingray skin is processed into high quality products such as briefcases for men and women, lady’s handbags, knapsacks, wallets, belts, cosmetic bags etc. All our products are carefully crafted and are exported to America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China which makes us the biggest exporter of stingray leather products in Thailand.

We work meticulously with only first quality material so that anyone who buys our products will be proud of it.

We aim to offer a great variety of high quality products.

Our stingray leather goods are produced under the trademark ROTA. From beginning to end, we strive to please our customers with not only the best quality skins, but also the best metal fittings.

For a memorable present, choose a ROTA stingray product.

Apart from all its qualities, Thai people believe that the stingray brings good luck and happiness.

How to distinguish genuine stingray leather from a fake :

  • Fire Test: The grains of a fake would melt when burned.
  • Red Hot Needle Test: The grains of genuine stingray leather could not be punctured with a red hot needle.
  • The Skin Grains: The grains in a fake are glued. In a genuine skin, they are part of it.
  • The Arrangement of skin grains: The grains of genuine stingray skin are tidily, closely, and naturally bonded together leaving no gaps in between.
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